6 OTTOBRE 2017



Desalinating the water: the challenge addressed by teams of students on October 6th, the second edition of the Maker Competition @Polito or organized by SMALL – Multi-Scale Modeling Lab. Five finalist teams, previously selected among the proposals received last semester by the students of the Advanced Applications courses in Technical Physics and Energy Accumulation and Transport, exhibited their prototypes that use different principles to desalinate water: forward osmosis for the FLEGO team, freezing cycles for FREEZE, a distillator for the PINGU team, again distillation for PARABOLIC, which proposed a two-stage desalination with a parabolic solar collector, and finally the winners of the competition, the team SUNFLOWER, which separated salt from water through membrane distillation powered by solar energy. The team was awarded by a Jury, composed of Proff. Borchiellini, Canuto and Sethi. The SUNFLOWER team will participate in the Maker Faire in Rome in December.

An initiative that was born thanks to the collaboration and the synergy between the Department of Energy and the Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino. The main supervisors are Prof. Pietro Asinari, Eliodoro Chiavazzo (DENERG) and Alberto Tiraferri (DIATI), head of the interdepartmental center CWC – CleanWaterCenter @ PoliTo.

Source: https://poliflash.polito.it/studenti_polito/maker_competition_soluzioni_per_dissalare_l_acqua

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