OUR vision

Contribute to efforts to ensure availability of safe water across diverse geographical and societal conditions, sustainably.

Water Resource Recovery

Treatment technologies able to produce clean water, remove contaminants, as well as extract valuable resources fom waste streams by efficient design and operating practices.

Water Reuse

Treatment of unconvetnional sources by short-circuiting the natural water cycle to produce water suitable for in-plant reuse, aquifer recharge, irrigation, and potable uses.

Zero Liquid Discharge

Technologies through which resources are extracted without the production of waste liquid streams.

Nature-based Solutions

Management, use, and engineering of nature and of natural processes to address water pollution and water security issues.

AUTOMATION and modularity

Technologies that are able to intensify the process, can be expanded or reduced with ease, and can guarantee efficiency with variable feed flow rates and quality thanks to automation and internet of things.

Water-Energy Nexus

Strategies to ensure the supply of safe water while minimizing energy intensity and dangerous emissions, aimed at the creation of sustainable systems of provision of both water and energy.


Processes that can be mixed and combined within a portfolio of treatment and that can be adapted and shaped for the deployment in different areas and circumstances.


Create an interlinkage between research and market needs, change public perception and awareness about water-related issues and technologies, help the development of proper water regulation and governance, and tackle the high investment needs required to accelerate these innovations.