Also in the collaboration with the en.sur.e. water lab supervised by Prof. Alberto Tiraferri, we host a number of membrane separation setups of different nature and sizes. At the moment, the available systems include:

  • nanofiltration/reverse osmosis (NF/RO) cross-flow setups for small flat sheet polymeric samples
  • NF/RO dead-end setup for small flat sheet polymeric or ceramic samples
  • forward osmosis (FO) setup for small flat sheet polymeric samples
  • FO setup for medium-sized flat sheet polymeric samples
  • ultrafiltration/microfiltration (UF/MF) setup for small flat sheet polymeric samples
  • UF/MF setup housing one tubular ceramic module (1 meter)
  • direct contact membrane distillation (MD) setup for medium size polymeric samples
  • direct contact MD setup for small size polymeric samples

These systems are available to test samples from Politecnico di Torino or from external collaborators. Contact us if you are interested in using our setups.

We are planning the acquisition of pilot scale setups soon.


In collaboration with the small lab, we host setups to harvest renewable energy, including solar thermal energy and low temperature streams.

In collaboration with the lab of Dr. M. Simonetti and Prof. G.V. Fracastoro, we are building  a solar atmospheric water generator (SAWG) prototype to transform moisture into pure water using the sun as energy source.



Other systems hosted by the CWC include a pilot scale hydrodynamic cavitation reactor and hydraulic channels in collaboration with the envirofluidgroup and other personnel of the DIATI Department working in the area of environmental hydraulics and hydrology.


We are in the process of purchasing:

  • a micro-Raman instrument
  • a particle image velocimetry (PIV) systems with high resolution
  • a high-performance liquid chromatogapher coupled with mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS) for analysis of water samples

Also, we have availability of a range of instrumentations in collaboration with other labs supervised by personnel of the CWC. For example, devices for particle analysis, rheometers, and equipment for surface characterization.